Part I : Birth of Neo

The Second Universe

In the Land between that was and will ever be, mountains peaked over the highest horizons and the deepest trenches, laid desolate and empty until rain fell for millennia until the deepest valleys filled and gave birth to life.
No being rose to roam the lands. But creation was manifesting regardless. The Lands were bare, some baren, some green, some wet and a few in between.
As the Land shifted and shaped itself, perpetual tranquillity was almost achieved.
What once was filled with bright days and warm nights, sombre darkness enveloped the Land, covering it in its entirety. The newly shaped topography, now covered in smog, resembled anything but its former self.
Lost in the mist, heavy rainfall returned, and storms stretched throughout the Land, stopping abruptly, bringing droughts and drying up the Land. But where there was darkness, there was hope—incidental friction caused by the Corruption. An emergence of hopeful saviours rose without explanation.
Although the Corruption stretched across the Land, it retreated ever so slightly at the introduction of these beings, these hopeful heroes.