Part I : Birth of Neo
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The Researchers

The Lonesome Rangers
Feeding curiosity, there seems to be another set of inhabitants with a set goal. They are referred to as The Researchers. A small group, prominent in confidence and wisdom. Their skillset is vast and always expanding.
They are great Thinkers and Forgers, and some can even be considered Healers as they concoct potions that vary from dangerous to regeneration.
At closer observation, they all seem to be adults, and strangely enough, all females. Whereas, The Ancients vary in gender fluidity.
It seems the Ancients regard them highly as they expand their knowledge while keeping to themselves.
They are constantly learning and experimenting. They mean no harm and are usually always adaptable to any situation.
Ahh, I thought I had you stumped there.
Never mind, you still have to find the phrase within all this text.
Good luck with that! And if you have, sigh!
Hint: Think of the first phase I put to you. It's a synonym.