Part I : Birth of Neo

The Fog's Withdrawal

The suffocating miasma
As the observation continued, it was revealed that the once-corrupted Land gradually revealed patches of barren earth dispersed and strewn throughout.
The world was covered in desolate plains as the darkness gradually returned to where it had first appeared.
Some Lands were infertile while others were rich in soil. Cracks appeared in deserts while muddy plains covered entire former seabeds. Moons and seasons came and went. Then, as the weather became dreary, the rain pour became more frequent.
The weather became more intense. Storms shifted the Lands, acting as a catalyst for the immense shift. The rain was relentless as it bucketed down, flooding the valleys and eventually almost all of the Land.
As the storm passed over, the flood slowly changed the Land's topography, forming new vistas. But there was more to the storm than met the eye, for the surge created islands. Some large, some small in size.
Continents were created, while small islands scattered turquoise waters. Then, suddenly, the rain stopped, but the winds were ever so violent. The north wind blew into large rock faces, creating mountains and cliffs.
With an island here and there, new deserts were created while wetlands and swamps littered other Lands. With the sudden end to the storm, these new Lands flourished and brought new vegetation into the world.
But life was not only in the form of fauna; creatures revealed themselves within the Land. So it seemed since the last visit; life had formed beyond flora, beings roamed the lands, and communities thrived and mingled with one another.
It seemed the flood had created life itself, leaving a trail of birth behind.
Another colour, another patch.
Let's make this a little harder, shall we? Hint: What is further than what you can see?