Part I : Birth of Neo

The Latest Observation

The Coincidental Hopeful Observation
The third and latest observation was again somewhat a coincidence but also wishful. Time bent and timelines warped; the coincidental wishful thinking landed the precarious bunch exactly where they had hoped.
For years, the vegetation-rich planet was the topic of discussion as the joyous giants were both mysterious and charming.
So, this coincidental hopeful observation was welcomed as the giants were at the forefront of the mind. On arrival, the planet resembled nothing of the luscious green from before. Instead, it was grey and sombre.
From a closer viewing, it appeared the greyness was caused by a smog-like texture covering the land – a miasma-like fog blanketed the land. Things had changed, and it wasn’t entirely clear if this observation was chronologically before or after the last.
After closer observations, the most apparent difference was the absence of the loud crashing thuds. Where were the happy giants? Were they gone?
It was also near impossible to see as the smog covered the land, eradicating any view of the earth below. Again, like previously, interests were piqued, but for a different reason this time. Time moved on, as did the observation, but something curious happened; the smog began to retreat with no explanation. Slowly it receded as if it had called time on imprisoning the planet.
But the earth was not entirely spared as the smog halted and remained in large pockets of the planet, only revealing several small and large patches of land. Much to the curiosity, what happened next was even stranger.
Along with the Land, small creatures of all shapes and sizes sprawled across these newly freed Lands. Some were large, while some were petite in stature. Some resembled each other, while others looked far different.
And suddenly, the thuds returned, two by two, as if they were running. And then a large thud, as if the giants embraced one another.
There were all sorts of inhabitants; it was clear that time had moved forward; the planet had flourished, and life had begun with it. However, the latest observation was not done yet; there was much to observe and many questions that needed answering.
The coincidental hopeful observation was extended indefinitely.