Part I : Birth of Neo

The Second Observation

A Mere Coincidence
Twice this Land had been observed; once when the valleys and the mountains sprawled across beautiful vistas, with only vegetation flourishing and rivers and springs ran between the Land’s cracks and crevasses.
The second, by a mere chance, as it so happened to be. This time, much like the first, it was covered in greenery, but something was different. The earth shook every so often, more so during the day, when the sun was at its highest. At night, the tremors stopped as if the earth needed rest.
Although a mere coincidence, interests were piqued as there was more than met the eye. Along with the shocks, there were more valleys, lakes, and deeper rivers. The nights grew darker and colder as the tremors waited until deep into the morning to begin.
The earth-shaking ripples became more frequent and louder as the observation progressed, as though they were moving closer. Previously, there would be a thud, then stillness, followed by another thud. This time there was a thud, followed by another and two more.
In wander, the attentiveness was beyond anything recognisable. Watching on, the tremors became earth-cracking fissures. Curiosity was answered as they became nearly unbearable to stand; two giants walked amongst the observed planet, larger than any tree or mountain.
The earth trembled as they travelled, forming deep ditches, extending rivers, or simply forming valleys large enough to create another ocean. They were unlike anything ever seen before; they were furry and content with their simple life; they had each other, and with that, they looked at peace.
Satisfied, the coincidental observation was over as the two giants continued shaping the Land.