Part I : Birth of Neo

The Ancients

The Wise First Settlers
As the observation continues, it is evident that there is a hierarchy of sorts. Confusing at first, it seems that considerate time has passed between the introduction of families.
As they are called, the Ancients seem to be wise yet stubborn in their ways, unwavering and determined to continue their old ways. Their talents and skillsets are not restricted to a set; in fact, they inhibit several, all varying and at different levels – adding to their unpredictability and prowess.
As a result, they are influential and revered within the community, but not without pushback.
There are groups unsettled and ready to rebel against the ways they deem ancient and outdated. They are feared but not unparalleled. Although ancient, they are beginning to lose grip within a world they have held so dearly; and were the masters of their own domain – but that time has passed, and others feel their time of power has come to an end.
A new dawn of governance is at hand. The rebels are rising as the friction between the two is becoming more apparent.
The phrase is somewhere in here. Find it, and you have your last phrase of the batch. It's getting harder, isn't it? See you soon!